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Fifth Third Generosity

Fifth Third Bank

May 3, 2018, Chicago, IL: Fifth Third Bank gives babies born in Chicago on 5/3/2018 a LEAF Gift Card valued at $1,053!!!

"LEAF is thrilled to be a part of this most generous contribution from Fifth Third Bank to the future education of these lucky kids," noted Juan Aguilar, co-founder of LEAF.

To read more from the Chicago Tribune, click here!

Chicago Tribune

Ford STEAM Experience

Ford Motor Company and it’s STEAM experience (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Math) awards four outstanding Girl Scouts a $5,000 scholarship each with LEAF Gift Cards on the Today Show! Click above to watch.

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LEAF education gift cards are the thoughtful way to save for college that really matters. Your gift flows directly into a child's 529 college savings plan - and LEAF supports all plans!

LEAF gift cards can be purchased and redeemed within minutes through our website. Our gift cards are perfect for baby showers, children's birthdays, toddlers, teenagers, and last but not least, their parents.

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Make your gift even more special!

Welcome Baby Gift Box

This beautiful gift comes packaged in a lovely "Welcome Baby" box and, from the Tad Hills Collection, includes a "Duck & Goose" stuffed animal set and board book, along with your LEAF college savings gift card.

The "Welcome Baby" gift box is the perfect way to encourage parents to start saving for college today the easy way - with a college savings gift card from LEAF!

Makes for a lovely gift for new parents, whether family, a friend, or even an employee!


How It Works


You Choose a College Savings Gift Card

Pick your card design and enter the gift amount. Gift card themes are available for a number of holidays and occasions. Select a gift card theme design or upload your own picture. Send your card via e-mail, postal mail, or print your own card on the way to the party!


Your Recipient Redeems their College Savings Gift Card

Once your gift purchase is delivered, parents can visit, enter their card number, and redeem your gift amount. We’ll answer any questions along the way. If your recipient doesn’t redeem the gift after ninety (90) days, we’ll automatically refund the face value back to you.


The Gift Card can be transferred into any 529 College Savings Plan

Your gift is transferred at the instructions of the recipient into any 529 college savings plan and can pay for just about any college expense. Parent doesn’t have an account set up? We can point them in the right direction.


Every Little Bit Counts

Imagine if, instead of a pile of plastic toys played with once, the children in your life were saving for college with every gift. Little by little, bit by bit, each College Savings Gift Card gets them a step closer to college.


Everyone is Happy

You feel good for giving a true gift. Parents feel good knowing every bit helps. And a child feels good dreaming big, knowing those dreams are now a little closer.